19 Mar 2024

“Aberdeenshire and the Highlands has been nominated as the renewables powerhouse of Scotland”, says Kate Matthews.  ”These OHL lines and substations are just the first move in the industrialisation of our countryside.”

 Homeowners along a planned route of 50-metre "monster" pylons stand to lose up to £1million per mile on the value of property prices, according to leading property consultancy, Galbraith.  The project has the full support of the Scottish Government and First Minister Humza Yousaf.

 SSEN say they are exploring other options (really?) but if the Fiddes substation goes ahead, it opens the door to a proliferation of turbines, battery energy storage systems and hydrogen plants all connecting to Fetteresso like spokes on a wheel.

 Speculators are said to be piling into Aberdeenshire looking to lease land -  they don’t have planning permission but they do have a grid connection. Talk to landowners, says Kate Matthews - they are getting the letters asking if they’re interested in leasing out their land.

 If you want to stop 70 miles of monster pylons then contact Save Our Mearns !!